Conditioning training

Your own weight. Minimum of equipment. Work anywhere.

Start from any condition. One hour a day. Four days a week.

Retrieve your endurance, health and peace of mind.


Body shape and strength

Comparative to the usual gym weights training, when doing conditioning training, there would be more repetitions, variety of exercises, and full available motion amplitude for the precise group of muscles. Higher rep ranges may make you feel like your muscles are going to rip out like the incredible hulk, but in actuality, you will not be building much muscle, you more working on shaping, endurance and circulation. Working with natural body weight, retrieving the ideal body shape of your own anatomy, making it healthy and proportional as well. You will, in fact, build muscle when will get on higher repetition ranges with more alternating exercises, still it would be the best proportion for your body construction with an abnormal endurance and good flexibility.

Each day is focused on one basic group of the muscles, combining workout with smaller groups to balance circulation through the entire body. Each day program balanced and prepare us for the next day of training, to cover whole body in four days cycle.

Endurance and performance

The other point of conditioning training is exercising with the goal of increasing your cardiovascular system’s performance. Conditioning is like strength training for the heart. By doing full body, functional exercises, lots of them, with natural body weight, your heart is actively pumping, pushing blood out to all of your muscles.  A stronger heart brings about a myriad of health benefits. Blood vessels remain open and flexible, reducing blood pressure and risk of stroke. Cholesterol is lowered and plaque is kept at bay from building in the arteries, thus reducing the risk of heart attack.

Workouts combined in a week cycles, that should be kept in constant exact rhythm without brakes, with exact regular periods of load reduction.

Circulation and cleansing

Essential side of the conditional training is the circulation and cleansing of the body. You can look at this as “muscle breathe” or even cellular respiration and in this terminology you will be doing a lot of “full breath” exercises for your muscles, making them to contract to the end making “exhale” and extend to the full length, making “inhale”. This aspect of the conditional training, is a great cleaning job for the body, bringing back normal healthy circulation even through the edge areas and vitalising all the tissues, involving internal organs as well.

All exercises should be performed according to the exact technical principals, that are crucial to keep system effective, work safely and gain long-lasting health along with endurance.

Food and mind

Focusing on the health aspects of the practice, the food we take, the schedule that we use for our meals, as well as sleeping schedule should be taken in account to keep us on the right way. The effectiveness of the training practice depend on what food we intake and how we do it. Our mental state during the meal, make surprising difference in the food acceptance, absorption and recognition in the body, so that we can get negative effect even consuming good healthy food.

System work do effective under condition of healthy diet and positive open-heart attitude, as two quite essential elements.




Enjoy your active life longer

Our body designed to be healthy and strong and work for many years. It is normal to live long and active life, to gain wisdom and share it with others.

Be fit and ready

Train effective, be fit and ready. Stay calm and satisfied. Live in your better perspective.

Work for Health Rehabilitation

God have no hands, except yours. Our work, calm and persistent, that is what make miracles happen.

Build strength and endurance

Be prepared better for life challenges and adventures. Regular systematic training, that is what makes unbelievable results come true.

What people say

If you are always allowed to stop training whenever you feel discomfort, you will find it too easy to give yourself permission to quit.

Jet Li

Your body is like a piece of dynamite. You can tap it with a pencil all day, but you’ll never make it explode. You hit it once with a hammer: Bang! Get serious. Do 40 hard minutes, not an hour and half of nonsense. It’s so much more rewarding.

Jason Statham

Let’s build our strength together.